März - Kurz mal Weg 5 Nächte

March - Short escape 5 nights

12.03.16 - 17.03.16

5 nights from € 575,00 per person Enjoy sunny days in march with perfect snow conditions. ...

Frohe Ostern 6 Nächte

March - Happy Easter Skipackage

25.03.16 - 03.04.16

7 nights from € 1.470,00 familyroom, 2 adults and max. 2 children Our Easterpresent: Kids skitickest for...

Februar Ferienzeit

February Powder-Free Skipackage

30.01.16 - 27.02.16

7 nights from € 987,00 per person Now – it’s the time for powder, carving, boarden, freeridi...

Every display

Child supervision 5x week

For all kids between the ages of 5 and 15.

With the HAPPY FAMiLY entertainment options, every day of your holiday becomes a special experience for your children. It cannot be compared to a kindergarten. Here with us kids only take part when they want to. Our kids’ entertainers let you and your kids decide whether or not you want to take part. Fun, exciting and variety-packed activities await:

The big safari, the Roving Reporter, painting competition, play festival, 'motto' days, creative DIY, games in the forest, sports tournaments, quiz games, table tennis and much much more!

All activities are especially suited to children aged between 5 and 15. The HAPPY FAMiLY activities take place five days a week and are distributed across six hours during the day.

This means that parents get a bit of time to themselves and get to relax. And when things are going well for their children, then they are happy too. Daily participation is free of charge of course.

* The children’s programme starts on 8th July and finishes on 30th August 2015!